Carbotech Brakes… Innovations in Braking Technology

As experienced racers, we understand the importance of tailoring our friction compounds to offer specific characteristics that suit every driver in their specific application. We place particular focus on brake modulation, allowing drivers to maximize speed in the first part (entry) of the corner.

Carbotech Performance Brakes™ feature a unique brake pad technology that is now being used by pro racers, club racers, auto-crossers and tuners across the country.

Carbotech brakes utilize a Ceramic Kevlar and metallic construction in a range of compounds that out-perform competitive brakes. Carbotech brakes are made from compounds that offer higher initial bite, torque and fade resistance—providing consistent brake modulation and performance over a wide range of operating temperatures.

As a bonus, Carbotech brakes are rotor friendly, keeping your costs lower. For pads and shoes, please see the detailed description of each of our friction materials here. Carbotech Performance Brakes give you:

  • Assured stopping power
  • Increased overall performance and handling
  • Excellent modulation and release characteristics
  • Better control entering the corners
  • Longer brake pad and rotor life—up to four times longer than the competition!
  • Non-corrosive dust for ease of wheel cleaning


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